My Story

Each of us have a story to tell. We tell them around campfires, to our grandkids at bedtime, over coffee with a good friend. And some of us compile memories line by line, page after page until a book is born. In March of 2018, some eight months ago, I gingerly opened a box from IngramSpark Publishing and caught my first glimpse of “Ira’s Farm” with those vibrant-red polished apples shining on the cover and the author identified as Virginia Johnson. At 87 years old, I had “told” my story.

It no longer belonged to just myself or my grandkids – it was on Amazon and local bookstores for anyone to pick up and read. And form opinions. And express them!

I will try to be honest about the responses I have gotten about these 1930’s farming years, but the positive comments have been almost overwhelming to me and it’s difficult to be nonchalant about them! Thank you, kind readers, for your feedback. It is fine compensation for those days and days of sitting at the computer and the nights I would wake up with a new word or sentence I needed to include on the pages I had just finished.

Overall, it has been a grand experience and I recommend it to each of you.

But what is next?

You can buy my book, Ira’s Farm: Growing Up on a Self-Sustaining Farm in the 1930’s and 1940’s on Amazon.

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