Dear Readers

Hello Friends,
When I last wrote, I had just been invited to attend a writing workshop on Providence Organic Farm near Central Lake, Michigan. My book Ira’s Farm was to be used as a centering topic in a discussion of writing memoirs or other types of articles centered on Love For The Land. What a wonderful learning event that was. So many talented, dedicated and caring people, which included retired women, one gentleman, working women, an employee at Providence Farm and the co-owner of the farm. At the last session, as we walked into the barn where our meetings were held, we walked into a room full of onions drying on the floor and garlic roots hanging on the rafter boards above our heads. Now THAT was an atmosphere appropriate to the subject at hand! Real motivation.

My previous post “The Hills Are Alive” is an Introduction to the book I have just begun to put together. I’ll tell you more about it as it begins to take a more compact shape. In the meantime, I would love to hear from some of you with comments for what you would like to have in this blog. Stories from you of a friend or relative who is composting or involved in issues that will help protect and heal the land, clean the environment, new recycling opportunities, or any number of interesting items.


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