The 21st Century

In this 21st century now nearing its first quarter, we are reminded almost daily that the world around us is fraught with change. Drones, robots, rockets and satellites bespeak of almost unimaginable methods of communication, warfare and industry unheard of a century ago. Changes welcomed by some populations and decried by others now appear in the midst of daily living.

It seems perhaps a time to ponder the ramifications of the wide utilization of these man-made instruments of power. Has it brought sustainable progress that will assist our earth in the premise of life, of abundant life, of continuing advancements for the good of mankind even as we learn of problematic concerns over which there appears little ability to control? Can we find solutions to non-disposable waste, to disappearing glaciers, to smog-filled cities of mass populations? Can we comprehend the outcry of this generation as developed and under-developed nations, alike, are affected?

This globalization now seems to be touching and disturbing the status quo in each part of the universe and breaking into the integrity of daily expectations. Each of us as a member of this mass humanity called earthlings affect a space, a place, a day, an hour. We affect persons we touch, the care of our possessions. We are individually and corporately bound in the throes of life. We touch good or contribute to lesser. We give or take from the universe daily. No one escapes their moment in time. We share a planet.

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